2016 Brings A Renewed Focus

Entering our fourth year as a multimedia collective is more exciting than anything. The biggest mantra you hear in this business is, "don't quit" and "work harder than everyone else" and you will see the fruits of your labor lead to success. After just over a year of being online as a local source for creative content, we see how our goal of adding to the storytelling landscape of the city has been met. To see the new faces we have added to the team this past year as well as our renewed focus moving into the new year, 2016 looks to be our biggest year yet with lots of new surprises for all of you. Actions speak louder than words.

Los Angeles - December 2015.

This year our travels took us many places and helped us gain a broader perspective of the world around us. We honed our focus on better methods for creating sustainable structures within the industry as well as building each other up in our own personal endeavors. Building the right team has taken patience to ensure the longevity of our collective. We are not a trend, we are not a one-hit wonder, we are not a one-off mixtape upload. We are here to stay - so much in fact that we have built the house and it already has couches and a fridge full of booze, so come kick it with the squad!

These images are from The Eternal Artist's (aka T.E.A. aka Trevalé aka the editor/curator of UC) travels to Hawaii this past fall. His entire life was surrounded by the outdoors and surfing culture. His father has surfed since he was a teenager, so being able to experience Maui's famous North Shore was life changing. Paddling out at the famed Ho'okipa surf-break just hours before hopping on a plane was something he will never forget. The Hawaiian currents will kick your ass if you're not used to them. So here's to the pro's who showed up just after he got out of the water and started carving up the eight to ten foot faces.

And here's to the Red Sand Beach for being the illest beach on the planet.

Ending 2015 with a bang was definitely an aided boost to moving into the new year. Working with our good friend and creative partner Bizzythowed out in LA was the perfect capping-off to a highly creative year. Below are a few shots that were taken in preparation for his nationwide marketing campaign launching TODAY! Be sure and check out all of his upcoming shows and releases. Special thanks to Sid (DJ from Slipknot) for being a killer host and opening up his Venice studio to us.

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