A3C Review: Part II

Rajesh, Joe, and myself arrived in Atlanta around 3:00pm from driving straight through the night from Houston. We had just a few hours to check into our hotel, get dressed, grab some food, and be at the venue just before 6:00pm. Upon our arrival, we met up with Ghost (an illusive behind the scenes character who keeps a low profile). Before the four of us headed out, my phone rang. It was Rokmore, my producer friend from Chicago who recently moved to Houston. He was calling me to let me know that Mother Nature was out in Atlanta at A3C as well. For those asking "who is Mother Nature?" click their name and educate thyself! You're welcome in advance for showing you your new favorite duo.

I told Rokmore to have them hit me up, so they did. My phone rings, and it's Klevah (one-half of Mother Nature). I had run into her in Houston a few months prior when The Gr8thinkaz were recording at Barron Studios with Rokmore. She tells me they were playing a show that night in Atlanta (as was Rajesh). I asked her what venue they were performing at and it happened to be the exact same venue as Rajesh's show. Most of the time in my life, that's the way energies around me sync-up. When we showed up we realized there were two stages, an outdoor and an indoor. Mother Nature performed on the outdoor stage at The Warehouse on Auburn just before we arrived to the venue. Rajesh was performing on the indoor stage for the "Texas Is Lit" showcase (hosted by OG Ron C & Michael "5000" Watts) later that evening.

I introduced Mother Nature to the crew as we waited for the performances to start on the indoor stage. Coincidentally the stage manager at the venue (who was running both stages) came up to Rajesh and told him, "If ya'll got a spare 15 minutes for a quick set, you should let this duo Mother Nature perform. They just killed it downstairs earlier". So with that, Mother Nature fresh off of an introduction to the showcase hosts was a no-brainer to let hop on for a quick set. They went on stage and with a short set turned the entire room into instant fans.

Rajesh went-in on his set which began with a hiphop beat mixed with some fresh sample of some Indian traditional music. His flavor lit up the night and set the tone for the evening, proving you never know what to expect from a Houston rapper. Chucky Trill was also on hand to keep the night turned up with his energetic rap. The "Texas Is Lit" showcase turned out to be exactly that! Showcasing Houston very accurately to the Atlanta crowd while throwing in our Chicago homies to spice things up.

The craziest part of this intertwined story happens next.

Mother Nature, Chucky, and Rajesh were all in our big squad walking around Atlanta together the night after the show. Seeing that there was far less of a "music-in-the-streets" culture at A3C than you would find at a festival like SXSW, we decided to shoot a quick cypher video right at the Edgewood rail station. Little did we know that A3C would write an article that would come out several days later on the website's front page about the "Texas Is Lit" showcase and feature the very people who are in this cypher video below. Energies crossing paths and being aligned in crazy ways happens for a reason. We love you Atlanta, and thank you A3C for giving hiphop a forum to connect!