Travel Awakens the Soul

I am not a tourist. I am a traveler. There is a difference. I don't use tour guides (not that they are not useful). If I want to know the history or culture of a particular part of a country I use Google. The only time I hire a tour guide is when I need an expert for hiking, rafting etc. I encourage you to get out and explore. Half of the adventure is making discoveries on your own. Otherwise your story will be that of most other tourists. The same photos taken by the same landmarks and statues. Rent a motorbike, hop in a tuk-tuk, hire a camel, be careful and go explore!

I am not bothered by humble accommodations. I don't need to have a pool, room service or even air conditioning for that matter. I only require a roof and a bed to sleep. Sometimes I don't even require a bed. Friends have been made all over the world during my travels and most often they are more than accommodating when it comes to having visitors from abroad. What better way to catch up with your friends then by visiting with them for a few nights short of wearing out your welcome. This obviously cuts down on costs as well.

A couple of years prior I had grown out of the senseless affinity to want material things such as fancy cars and expensive clothes seemingly to create an illusion of status. Its not to say I don't like some of those things from time to time, but the things you own start to own you if you are not careful. Most of the things we acquire we don't own anyway. We pay monthly payments for cars, homes, credit cards etc. and work jobs that bring us little or no fulfillment to keep buying shit we do not need.


Be fearless! Going out into the unknown is not for the faint of heart. There are dangers and you most likely will be on your own when it comes to help; but the same can be said for where you live everyday. Nothing was ever discovered from the couch. Get out there and live. Don't ever be afraid to live. If you want to see the world, don't let fear and excuses stop you. It can be done if you have the will to do so.

story & photos by Muzzlewump