There's a new media source in town.

Based on Urban Circus' long history of connecting people and resources, we are stepping into a new realm by bringing you a media source centered around exposure of creativity that is seldom seen or heard. Rooting itself in Houston's East End since 2009, Urban Circus, is an active participant and creator of local culture. We understand the need for our city's creatives and other creatives globally, to have outlets of exposure.

We are proud to announce that, Urban Circus, will be providing media support for Houston Arts Alliance's Transported + Renewed project taking place in the East End from September 1st, through November 30th. Transported + Renewed will be a three month long event series curated around the culture of the neighborhood. The events will feature performers from all over Latin America, as well as local artists and musicians. The series will encompass other festivals and events such as the East End Street Fest, Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival, and the East End Bicycle Opera which is an interactive biking event where GPS coordinates of riders create a musical experience, manipulating tones as they pedal faster and turn in different directions.

For more information on the Transported + Renewed project click here.