Day For Night brings an Immersive Interdisciplinary Experience to Houston.

Here at Urban Circus we support interdisciplinary collaboration among the arts. Our collective has been pushing interdisciplinary experiences at a local level for the last five years and we can tell you, it's no easy task to pull off such an event. Far more planning, preparation, setup, and tear down is involved than for a regular show. Seeing Free Press up the ante for our city by bringing an immersive interdisciplinary experience with big names in music and visual art alike, we believe Houston is in-store for being an incubator for these very mediums in the years to come.

Being visual creators, we enjoy when events are enveloped in projections and lighting. It adds an aspect of production to a live music experience that enhances it tenfold. Getting our feet wet recently with live projections and mapping, we've found ourselves spending more time with local connoisseur of all things audio and visual, our good friend and Day For Night artist, FLCON FCKER. If you're a local show-goer and don't know about him then you've probably been sleeping under a rock... so do yourself a favor and click his name in the last sentence.

Refik Anadol (work pictured above) is an incredible Turkish projection artist who is now based in Los Angeles. His specialty is creating site-specific immersive audio/visual installations. Browsing through his catalog of work you can see that he thinks well outside the box, playing on the themes of change and distortion. We are excited to see what Refik has in store for Day For Night.

An other artist that caught our eye is Nonotak. To get an idea of their work, check out the video above. This group is a collaboration between illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto. Their first work was a public art installation in Paris in 2011. Since then the group has been asked to make custom work for numerous festivals and galleries.  

The work of Mark Eats can be described as intricate, well-arranged, and most of all trippy (check out his fusion above). His synthesis of sight and sound takes fans on a beautifully designed immersive ride. His playful style finds audio triggering visual patterns and vice versa. Looking forward to seeing what Mark has in store for us.

You can catch Kendrick Lamar, New Order, Flying Lotus, the timeless Philip Glass Ensemble and many more as they immerse themselves in an audio/visual experience unlike anything Houston has seen before. Day For Night is December 19th & 20th - get your tickets ASAP and check the website for more info.



The Summer's Freshest Festival

This summer on a warm evening in June, I found myself at Last Concert Cafe for FreshDark Fest. Having heard about it from friends who were performing as well seeing flyers tucked away in every nook and cranny around town, it looked to be a new flavor in the burgeoning local festival scene. Fusing electronica, soul, jazz, and classic hip-hop the lineup included local acts as well as several out-of-towners. Along with the well-curated lineup DJ Elevated and DJ Anarchy spun between sets keeping the vibe alive all night long. The event also featured live art, local vendors, crafts, and baked goods.

Local music-collective Milky Wayv (pictured in art below) stood out with their energy and eclectic sound. Watching this group of young talent rise up in the city has been exciting to watch. Their performance was the best I've seen to date and proved that unified talent blows minds. Definitely be on the lookout for them as they host events around town and relentlessly release online content.

An other act that blew my mind with their sultry soul meets hip-hop vibe was Oshun. Their beautiful melodies blended with impeccable flows make you envision what it would be like to witness a Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu duo-supergroup. With their homegrown Brooklyn roots-style sound, these ladies will see many bright things in their future as they continue to inspire, teach, and heal through their music. Intellectual, soulful, stylistic, harmonious, pure - one love.

Capping off the night was Shafiq Husayn of famed Sa-Ra Creative Partners. He performed some ill new content along with a few of Sa-Ra's hits. His eclectic taste and futuristic sound made it easy to see why he headlined a festival built around cultural progression.

FreshDark Fest won our vote for the freshest festival of the summer. Can't wait to see what they cook up next year!


all images ©The Eternal Artist (T.E.A.) 2015